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Rights and Entitlement



· Land Rights- including homestead land

· Community rights over forest land under FRA 2006

· Rights over NTFPs

· Rights and entitlements under various social security schemes

· Employment Rights

· 104 land less house hold got land patta of 0.4 decimal each under Basundhara Yojana

· 42 families got land under Mo Jami Mo Diha

· 2565 persons got individual land entitlement under the FRA 2006

· 30 CFR claims submitted to the SDLC for community land entitlement.

· 288 Persons were included under Social Security Schemes - Old Age Pension, Widow Pension, Madhu Babu Pension, Disability Pension, etc.

· 58 cases solved on FBMS and Kendupatta pluckers

· 862 persons got labour card

· 14000 households got 40 days of work under MGNREGA



Decentralized Governance

· Campaigns for strengthening Panchayati Raj Institutions

· Increasing women’s participation in Palli Sabha and Gram Sabha

· Leadership development

· Training and Capacity Building (in collaboration with PR&DW Department, Govt. of Odisha)

· Federation building among elected PR representatives


· Training on PR system imparted to more than 3000 Ward Members, 188 Sarapanchs, 188 Panchayat Samiti members of Telkoi, Banspal and Harichandanpur Blocks of Keonjhar district in collaboration with PR&DW Department, Government of Odisha.

· Special training imparted to 75 elected women members organized for making the GP women friendly.

· A Block level federation of elected PR representatives namely Telkoi Block Bikas Parishad formed to address some critical issues to strengthen the system.

· A Block level federation of women elected representatives formed and linked with state level forum namely SWAR.



Women empowerment

· Mobilizing and organization building

· Promoting self-help initiatives

· Federating women organizations at GP and Cluster level

· Leadership development

· Capacity building of women and leaders of women organizations

· Engaging women and their organizations in addressing rights and entitlement issues

· Addressing women issues through village and GP level women organizations

·NRM and Livelihood promotion through women organizations

· 314 SHGs were formed and promoted involving of  4611women

· 82 single headed women trained and 62 women involved in micro business program and others linked with different Govt. Programs

· Different awareness and campaign programs organised on two child norm, violence against women.

· 30 women group involved in agricultural activities and benefitted

· 800 women members were linked with different govt. schemes

· 1200 women SHGs members undertaken goatery , 90 women from 8 SHGs undertaken fishery,

· Women SHGs solved 9 unwed issues. 12 child marriage and 51 domestic violence cases.

· Around 2000 women linked with line department in horticulture, agree culture, ITDA, ATMA, and done IGP for their family maintenance.

· 3000 SHGs members involved in NTFP procurement and selling

· 170 women undertaken small business initiatives - dry fish selling, mudhi, grocery shop etc

· One women federation strengthened addressing different women and other socio-economic issues



Child Rights

· Enrolment drive

· Strengthening SMC/ SMDC, PTA and MTA

· Promotion of Adolescent Clubs at village level

· Campaign against Child Marriage

· Awareness on Child Rights and Child Protection

· Orientation of teachers on Child Rights

· Vocational Training for Youths

· Child Participation in School Management/ Development


· 520 children enrolled in primary education

· 223 children aged about 15 to 18 are involved vocational training and 118 are got generated employment

· Work with the directly 1616 children for strengthening their primary education.

· 168 children were enrolled in school.

· 42 SMC and PTA MTA strengthening

· Create green environment in 17 school

· 2 new Primary school mobilized and established.

· Proper verification of midday meal in 42 school

· 80 teachers trained and Teaching and learning material developed for 42 schools

· Child participation of 42 SMC done.

· Demand generated for not providing age certificate for under aged children by GP



Natural Resource Management (NRM) & Sustainable Livelihood

· Forest Protection, Plantation & Vegetation

· Formation and promotion of VSS

· CFM(community forest management)

· Sustainable harvesting of NTFPs

· Land reclamation & development

· Construction of Water Harvesting Structure and Multipurpose Tank

· Mixed cropping / double cropping & Organic Farming

· Promotion of organic manure & pesticides by small and marginal farmers

· To promote SRI & SMI, Pulses, vegetables with using of prescribe POP

· To Development of fruit orchard through Horticulture

· Formation of CBOs ( SHGs, Farmers Club, &VSS) & Capacitated them for NRM

· Poultry and Goatery & Fishery, vaccination of animal through SHGs

· Development of enterprises/ Petty business through SHGs


· 2000 hector of forest protected by 65 CFMs

· Working with 64 VSSs

· 2000 acres of plantation done under rejuvenation of degraded forest

· 100 hectors of land reclamation done and promoted double cropping

· 500 hectors of fruit orchard developed

· 3000 farmers practiced double cropping in 1500 acres of land

· 5629 farmers practiced SRI SMI and Palaces in 2616 acres of land

· 10000 farmers oriented and practicing organic farming.

· 5 tube-wells and three water tank mobilized from government

· 5 water harvesting structure and two multipurpose tank constructed

· 15 ponds/ water bodies renovated and purpose of agriculture and domestic use

· Vaccination done in each and every year for domestic birds and Animals.



Health and hygiene

· Essential Nutrition action

· Community based new born care & Anti-natal care

· Primary immunization programme

· Adolescent Health/ Menstrual Hygiene

· Hygiene Education among children

· Shasu Bohu Pati Samilan:

· Promotion of Village Health Volunteers (VHV)

· Training to Traditional Birth Attendant (TBAs)

· ASHA Training

· 34 ANMs were trained on HBNC

· 38 adolescent girls  were  solving their health problem  through CHC Telkoi

· 60 NSV done with the support of CHC Telkoi 

· 5000 blood collected and tested for HIV positive

· 25000 persons checked their health in health check up camp

· 300 persons referred  for    the medical treatment

· LODO tracing done for prior to immunization

· 120 TB patents were identified they were treatment

· 350 ASHAS of Telkoi and Jhumpura block were trained through 5 training.  programs 

· Awareness created around                   2, 50,000 persons on malaria TB, leprosy, women and child health care etc.

· 82 malnourished  child was adopted by the SHGs



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